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Hasan Morshed wins award in Iran
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Talented young artist Md Hasan Morshed’s thought provoking approach to art has received acclamation. Already the artist has achieved recognition of his talent winning awards participating in prestigious exhibition and competitions in home and abroad. Recently Morshed won the grand award in drawing and painting category at the 18th International Youth Visual Art Festival in Iran. The ‘Youth of Social Feature’ highlights the role of youth as savior in the battlefield.

In fact, Hasan Morshed, an MFA student of the oriental art department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University, addresses different aspects of social and humane issues in various mediums including painting, video presentation and installation.

‘To me, art is not just a portrayal of beauty but a mirror of the society. I believe artworks should be awareness generating,’ Hasan told New Age. ‘Art should not be confined to gallery and elite class rather, it should be more pro-people and interactive,’ said Hasan. And the artist claims that he could show how art can be more interactive in his projects such as ‘valentine days exposing the tragic truth of the day’.

Hasan Morshed learnt the technique of watercolour at his tender age from his father artist Qamrul Hasan Qalon. ‘As my father received education on art from Japan and United Kingdom, I had the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding on art, especially on watercolour wash technique, from him.’ recalled Hasan. Besides, her mother has also been inspiring him to stand out as an excellent artist, said Hasan.

Hasan got appreciation portraying harsh reality of the society in his first solo held at the National Press Club in 1999. He also won Honorable Mention at the 16th Young Arts’ Exhibition in 2008.

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